Agriculture, Food, Health and the Lean Economy – Bulletins

I plan to attempt what I hope will be regular- if not daily – bulletins with news, some comments and maybe even some analysis of agriculture, food and health in the context of, the need for and development of, the “lean economy”.

There’ll be more detail in other posts and articles written for other outlets which I will also post here. Including explaining about the lean economy and a holistic and equitable approach to farming, food and health – and how critically important they are.

I might fuck up this attempt through indiscipline, lack of time or simple embarrassment.
It might be that no-one reads these posts. And considering my ongoing failure to use social media – or any other form of self-promotion – effectively, which is what’s most likely to happen.

In which case, it might still be worth doing as long as I like doing it and am getting some satisfaction from it. As they say, masturbation is having sex with someone you love; and blogging is probably nothing more than digital wanking.

If anyone does by accident find themselves reading these posts, I hope they will discover information and links that they wouldn’t otherwise have accessed. And as a result, I really hope, they come to see the world – and particularly agriculture, food and health – in a new light and see that on a planet of finite and diminishing resources we have to do things differently and radically so, if we are to maintain any vestige of a civilised society.

Lawrence Woodward