I read the news today (25/12/16)……..

It included information on the defeat of proposed halt on gene drives; synthetic biology; GMO crop bans in China; the success of organic farming in Kenya; urban food production; hydroponically produced vegetables and pesticides in fruit and veg; the battle over US organic standards; and Humbolt, the man who changed our view of nature.

 Gene Drive moratorium defeated at key biodiversity conference


One step forward and a leap back on “synbio” governance


Chinese province bans GMO crops for 5 years



Kenya: organic farming is productive and resource-conserving


The role of the city in sustainable food systems


An urban agrihood in US feeds 2000 households


Are hydroponic vegetables as nutritious as those grown in soil?

Here is an issue to split the organic sector, the health and nutrition sector and the foodies. Several issues actually: Does soil really matter? How much more important is it to eat vegetables however they are produced rather than organic?

Claims that the nutrient, food quality and health status of hydroponic and soil based production are similar are disputed; and assertions that hydroponics can be organic or even more sustainable are highly contentious.

Information on pesticide residues is limited; information on structure, density and the more esoteric characteristics of energy or vitality is rarely considered.

Back in the mainstream, nutritionists argue that the five-a-day fruit and veg consumption message must never be undermined. As a consequence they never discuss the fact the most of the fruit and veg provided free to school children contain pesticide residues (often multiple) and that pesticide residues are endemic in the majority of fruit and veg sold in the UK.




Industry Watchdog Calls for Independent Investigation of USDA’s National Organic Program

The battle for the soul and substance of organic farming and food


Humbolt: the man who changed our view of nature


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