I read the news today (26/12/16)……….

And found that gene editing could rob the world of creative genius; that the UK government is ignoring warnings that due to climate change serious flooding will become an annual event; meanwhile floods have been hitting southern Spain, destroying fields of salad crops and so in an act of depressing short sightedness supermarkets are planning to air freight cut salads from the US thereby causing more climate damaging emissions which has caused the flooding in the first place; they call it serving the consumer, as do the Chinese as they pollute their environment with manure and waste from mega dairy farms; we are all beginning to live a twilight zone but some are in more difficulty than others as homelessness increases in the UK, in part because of Thatcher’s legacy of destroying council housing; but we might be able to survive the future by following lean logic.

Gene editing could rob the world of creative geniuses


Major flooding in UK likely every year and government is ignoring all warnings


Meanwhile supermarkets will be flying in salads from US after floods wash away Spanish crops


Giant dairy farms polluting China’s environment


Living in a twilight zone: Britain’s housing crisis is Thatcher’s legacy


Lean Logic and Surviving the Future – a review


………..Oh boy