I read the news today (29/12/16)………..

And saw how corrupt the GMO regulatory system is; and good news that come New Years Day France is banning pesticides from public spaces; Burger King won’t be buying meat produced with some antibiotics but will carry on allowing the rest; and I learnt just what EU funding does come to Britain.

The GM fix

Call it “fixing the odds”, “stacking the deck” or “weighting the bias”, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, it is corrupting the process and its collusion between the GM industry, the research establishment, regulators, politicians and “churnalists.” Here is how biased, so-called “peer reviewed scientific” papers are produced to corrupt the process of evaluating the risks of GMO crops; along with institutionalising bias into government regulatory and advisory structures.





France bans pesticides in public green spaces from Sunday


Burger King to stop using chickens produced using medically important antibiotics

If they can do this now why haven’t they done it before? And they can’t really ban antibiotics without fundamentally changing intensive livestock production – which they are not going to do. Lots of work for the PR department.


EU funding for the UK


………..Oh boy