I read the news today (31/12/16)………

Of course it’s happy new years and good tidings everywhere – well maybe not everywhere; in Italy and the Euro zone the banks are going tits up, not that it will worry the bankers, they have us, taxpayers, to bail them out; for most of us, the happy new year is tempered by the fact that income inequality is getting worse, with those bankers – and others – getting richer and most of the rest of us getting poorer; it’s not all good tidings for the GM industry though as more information is released that shows pesticide resistance to GM crops is growing; GM is just not working but researchers still bullshit that it is, the problem is that this crap gets in the way of finding real solutions to issues like the desperate shortage of water that is increasingly devastating some countries; Happy New Year…..Oh boy.

Italy’s ongoing bank bailout is woeful


Whichever way you look at it income inequality is getting worse


Growing pest resistance shows GM Bt crop technology not sustainable


Water shortages are now desperate but GM is not the only (or even best) answer