I read the news today (1/1/17)…………..

According to a Treasury committee, UK farming is costing society £700 million per year in net external costs. It’s not clear whether this figure includes  costs caused by the farmed salmon industry where  use of toxic chemicals has massively increased. From today the Polish government can ban the sale and trade in GMO seeds as well as prohibiting actual cultivation. There is more news on the great “GM fix”. The New York Times gives a close up view of the corporate corruption of GMO and pesticide science as it reports on the treatment of three scientists by agrochemical companies; most worrying is the collusion between regulators and companies which the article mentions but doesn’t spell out the full implications………Oh boy

UK farming’s cost to society

According to the Sunday Times a Treasury committee has found that farming is responsible for £700 million per annum of net external costs to society and taxpayers.



Farmed salmon industry massively increases toxic chemical use


New law allows Poland to ban GMO seed trade


A close up view of the corporate corruption of GM and pesticide science



The GM fix

Call it “fixing the odds”, “stacking the deck” or “weighting the bias”, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, it is corrupting the process and its collusion between the GM industry, the research establishment, regulators, politicians and “churnalists.” Here is how biased, so-called “peer reviewed scientific” papers are produced to corrupt the process of evaluating the risks of GMO crops; along with institutionalising bias into government regulatory and advisory structures.