Homoeopathic vets and farmers attacked on BBC

A vet who is organising an online petition against homoeopathy was given a largely free ride to promote his campaign and malign homoeopathic vets and farmers on BBC’s Farming Today this morning (1 min 14 secs into programme) (22/3/2016).

Presenter Anna Hill did ask a few questions but they were so anodyne they did nothing to shake equine vet Danny Chambers out of his litany of ignorance and half truths.

In a feeble attempt at balance the piece included a few seconds from a farmer who uses homoeopathy and a short quote from Peter Gregory, Veterinary Dean of the Faculty of Homoeopathy.

Farming Today didn’t bother to interview Gregory, they merely lifted the quote, out of context and misleading, from a letter published on the Vet Times website.

During the rest of the three minute promotion of his petition Chambers called RCVS trained vets who use homoeopathy “unfair”, “unscientific” and “dangerous”.

The programme failed to include any of these vets and did not provide any information about how they work, how they carry out their observations or diagnosis, or anything about their successes and failures.

Chambers’ claimed that vets and farmers who use homoeopathy are dangerous to the health and welfare of their animals; an especially outrageous contention – tantamount to libellous – which the programme’s producers let pass.

The BBC should take immediate steps to provide genuine balance and give an equal amount of air time to a vet who actually uses and knows something about farm homoeopathy.

A programme examining how homoeopathy is used on farms by vets and farmers; investigating its successes and its limitations could make interesting and educational listening.

Lawrence Woodward

22nd March 2016