I read the news today (27/12/16)…..

And found some good news about Russia continuing to oppose GMOs and support organic farming and food, also that agroecology and organic is booming in Argentina; on the other hand there were unnerving thoughts about the ongoing impact of globalisation and technology on jobs and society; and downright depressing news about the Italian banking crisis and how the EU elites shuffle around the problem, at the same time they push TISA (the Trade in Services Agreement) which will have a more devastating impact on democratic control of corporations than all the other global trade agreements put together; and finally a seriously sober analysis of Brexit which predicts a “train crash” rather than an exit. Stop the world……

Russia keeps opposing GM and supporting organic


Agroecology and organic are booming in Argentina

The figures are impressive but spot the differences


When robots take jobs, workers deserve compensation

Discussing responses to the adverse impacts of globalisation on people, including compensation and citizen’s basic income; but the core message is that unless these impacts are addressed there will be mounting social unrest.


TISA: must be stopped but so far no opposition


Italy’s banking crisis, Spain’s banking crisis, Euro zone banking crisis: failure and folly


The Chaotic Route to Train Crash Brexit


……..Oh boy