I read the news today (30/12/16)……

One of the major players in UK agriculture – the Agriculture, Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has put out for consultation its vision for the future of UK agriculture and horticulture. It’s an old “new vision”, like all other visions and strategies over the last 20 plus years its we have to be competitive on the global market, we have to be a world leader, we have to improve productivity utilising cutting edge technology, we have to be resilient and sustainable and we have to bullshit consumers to believe that the crap we produce is high quality, healthy and good for the environment. What was that Pete Seegar song? When will they ever learn? There is nothing in this myopic vision about growing food in suburban and urban locations. Nothing about real food quality and health, and nothing about genuine food and health security or the role of family farms and communities. The AHDB should read the review out this week in Nature on growing food in cities. Probably wouldn’t help though, the AHDB is run by morons – Peter Kendall, ex NFU President is the AHDB chairman, he represents the bits of the National Farmers Union that give meaning to its initials, No Fucking Use. On the other hand, that might be a bit hard because their gut microorganisms might be out of balance – from eating all the pesticide/antibiotic drenched, highly processed shit that we are going to competitively export – and it’s clear from recent research that this can affect many aspects of the human condition; and, come to think of it, maybe that might be an explanation why few politicians are acting like statesmen in the EU crisis, and it is a crisis, because remain or leave the issue of political legitimacy should be at the core if the debate over the EU and is an issue in all member states – not least the UK – but its not.

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And therefore so must diet, food quality, pesticides, antibiotics, endocrine disruptors and all the other chemicals that impact on these microorganisms.


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