I read the news today (2/1/17)…………

It started with good news and then dropped off. The good news was that a new study has found organic wine really does taste better; then there was a positive report from a Leicestershire farmer who switched to organic farming for financial reasons and then found great improvement in soil, quality of feed and health of animals; I’m a bit conflicted about this but a new report from Unilever shows that shoppers are buying more ethically, follows earlier reports from the Ethical Consumer group; I think I would rather see that ethical consumers are buying less stuff but maybe I’m being picky; not good news is that it’s clear a new PR push is underway to convince people that the UK public is becoming more accepting of genetic engineering technology; although a shabby alliance of industry (Bayer), the research establishment  (Rothamsted) and the “churnalists” (Times, Independent and I) are engaged in this push and the credence of their claims are questionable, the findings of a Bayer sponsored poll can’t be wholly dismissed as it does seem to show a more positive attitude towards genetic engineering amongst young people; this is hardly surprising given the amount of pro-GM spin put into educational materials, lectures and teaching in schools and universities and the absence of any real effort in educational circles to raise questions about the technology…… Oh boy

Organic wine really does taste better


Going organic changed soil, plant and animal health, and bottom line

A Leicestershire farmer will this week tell the Oxford Farming Conference – the mecca of conventional farming – that going organic improved his soil, the integrity of his animal feed, the health of his animals and the farm’s finances.


Ethical consumers: half of UK adults buying and eating more ethical options

If this is true why doesn’t it feel like it?




A new PR push to persuade us that the UK public is coming round to accepting GMOs